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Finding high-quality IT talent can be a demanding and time-consuming task. Churn is inevitable, and keeping pace with the speed of progress and innovation in disciplines like cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI and robotics ensures your talent search is a never-ending endeavour. We know; as an IT services company, we experience the same challenges as you – which is why we’ve innovated a revolutionary new resource supply model and professional development program that is so successful, it can even enable us to act as an outsource IT management firm for our clients.

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We chose to see the IT graduate recruitment process differently. Typically, IT learning institutions host job fairs to connect impending grads with prospective employers. Thanks to our partnerships with many of Canada’s top IT learning institutions, the Innovana Transformational Resource Acquisition Development (iTRAD™) program onboards the most promising local grads and enables them to hit the ground running with a professional learning and development program.

We provide the training, resources and mentoring. They are assigned to select clients, learn the clients’ unique business and IT models and, if the client desires, are welcome to go work for them in-house at any time. Through iTRAD™, we’ve given hundreds of eager Canadian grads a head-start in their IT career and unlimited opportunities to grow while providing our clients with sure-handed trained-in-Canada support.

Five reasons our top grads are awesome

  • The latest training: Our grads have been educated with the latest innovations, technologies and methodologies, and already have the tools to hit the ground running.
  • Passion: Our grads have invested the last few years of their lives in pursuit of one goal – to launch their career. They’re ready to bring limitless drive and energy to work every day.
  • Analytical: Coming from the classroom, our new grads have all the latest technical information tattooed on their brain. This analytic mindset provides a fact-based approach to problem-solving that your experienced IT professionals can leverage.
  • Different perspectives: Mixing up your teams with people in all life stages, from different backgrounds and attitudes brings a greater diversity of thinking to your company which can yield more creatively diverse results. 
  • Focused: New IT grads are at that incredible life stage where they just want to IT all day. They’re serious and passionate about what they do, whereas employees with several years under their belts may be contemplating taking a break or even switching up their career.