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On the surface, it may seem like managing your own cloud infrastructure is an easy way to save costs while having your IT team provide as-needed maintenance and support. The reality is it’s never that simple. Innovana provides scheduled maintenance and support, as well as in-depth server monitoring to keep track of changes and ensure your systems stay up-to-date, safeguard against security vulnerabilities, and more.

At Innovana, we live and breathe cloud infrastructure services daily and provide onshore-only support. We’re right here in Canada, ready to make your entire IT framework practically turnkey. We even provide ongoing monitoring of your usage patterns to optimize your cloud spend so you may even end up saving money while saving time and preventing those inevitable in-house headaches.

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Infrastructure Management Services

A hybrid cloud deployment can offer the best of public and private cloud environments, but they can also be complex to implement and manage. We will provide you with a clear strategy to maintain your hybrid environment and ensure you are maximizing the benefits of both worlds.

Leave your cloud network to us. Our operations analysts can manage and configure your network to ensure that your resources are provisioned to the applications and services where needed, and the quality and availability of your services are maintained.

The cloud enables effortless and effective collaboration like never before. We will streamline the administration of your workspaces while ensuring data confidentiality and security remain paramount.

Total convenience and peace of mind at your service. Innovana’s service managers will oversee all aspects of your cloud-managed service program from initiation and onboarding to implementation and daily management.

If your organization’s IT infrastructure is continuously being spun up and torn down, scaled up and scaled down due to varying user demands, infrastructure as code (IaC) automates the provisioning of your IT infrastructure to let you act faster, control costs and reduce risks.

Future-forward your business life in the cloud with Innovana. We can develop a cloud platform that aligns with your organization’s edge and IoT devices, collects and stores the data and gives you the tools to turn that data into exponential value.