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The cloud is the ultimate place to unlock your business data and analytics’ true potential. Innovana Solutions is the ultimate business analytics company to get you from down here to up there. We can streamline your data and analytics across your organization so users at all levels can make data-driven decisions that will propel your business forward. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and learn how easily our wide range of data and analytics solutions can help you access, integrate and analyze your data with unmatched security.

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Not all data is created equal. We’ll develop a critical data elements (CDE) strategy to understand what data is deemed critical, map the data, identify responsibilities and obligations, assess potential risks, and define security levels.

When you consolidate and manage all your data in the cloud, you breakdown infrastructure complexity, remove data silos and open your path forward to greater agility, flexibility, staff collaboration, security and more.

Achieve better regulatory compliance, maintain higher data quality and make better decisions based on your data while enjoying increased security and transparent roles and responsibilities.

We combine an agile approach with a business-focused point of view to deliver a customized and optimized data platform and architectural solution that improves quality and security while accelerating business outcomes.

Product-based organizations and skills-based organizations have two entirely different sets of needs. Our business-focused approach ensures we understand your organization’s data management requirements before developing any solution.

We’ll work directly and collaboratively with your executive and IT teams throughout the assessment, planning, adoption, and optimization phases to ensure your transition to the cloud is the best business decision you’ve ever made.