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We envision a digital world where everything will exist in the cloud, mundane work tasks will be automated and every individual within an organization will be empowered to realize their full creative potential. At Innovana, we live our anticipated future every day by working collaboratively to bring out each other’s best, remaining open to new ideas and staying upbeat regardless of the situation because positivity is the power that will propel us to deliver groundbreaking solutions for our clients and society at large.

Experienced Professionals

You’ve built a successful career and now you’re ready to move your next mountain. Working at Innovana gives you the opportunity to leverage everything you know to blaze a new trail and reach new professional milestones while giving you the opportunity to share what you know with the next generation. And while you’re an expert at what you do, we offer career development opportunities that expose you to new experience pathways and help you grow your career further.

New Graduates

Our respect, admiration and appreciation of new graduates is sky-high. At Innovana, you get an opportunity to work alongside some of the most accomplished cloud IT professionals in Canada while allowing us to learn from you, too. Thanks to our unique focus on new and emerging IT talent through our iTRAD program, we also understand better than anyone how to provide all the support needed to help you reach your full potential.


Developed in collaboration with some of Canada’s top computer sciences programs, our revolutionary iTRAD program has changed the way students and new graduates connect with their future careers. If your school is not currently participating in iTRAD, contact us now so we can explore future partnership opportunities.